Midsommar ★★★★½

It's clear now that Ari Aster has pure, raw talent. This guy is the real deal when it comes to directing. Midsommar is absolutely gorgeous on every level. The cinematography is that of a masters. Everything technical about this film is an 10/10, I cannot stress that enough. Similar to 1981s Possession, Midsommar is not so much a horror, but rather a brutal story about grief and love. Hereditary was a film about grief, yet it had plenty of horror aspects. This is not to say Midsommar doesn't, but that it instead tones it down for more odd and eerie scenes. There's a constant feeling of uneasiness rather than the feeling of fright. I believe people were looking for another horror banger after Hereditary and were slightly disappointing when they received a film shrouded in metaphor instead. Midsommar tests the viewer forcing them to come to their own conclusion. Unlike Hereditarys scene of explanation at the end, Midsommar leaves you with nothing, but your own ideas of what you just saw. I truly do hope Aster continues his venture in horror. When a director can manage to make me feel uneasy in broad daylight, I consider them special. My only complaint is that the film did feel quite long, the third act especially. Otherwise, this film was near perfect and I cant wait for whats to come next.

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