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This review may contain spoilers.

Makoto Shinkai presents a film with a theme already explored, the change of bodies. The idea may not be original, but the way it is approached completely is.
Since the beginning, with a beautiful animation too realistic and immersive and a pastel color palette that make us feel that we are in a dream and a magical world, we are presented with two characters, Mitsuha and Taki, with totally different worlds and lives. The film even has a kind of opening, typically used in the animes but not in movies. There, we are shown details that will ultimately make more sense, such as their encounters at different points of time, their connection in dreams, the comet, among others.

About the subject of body changes —which has already been used in other films such as Freaky Friday or The Swap— time travel is added, since the timelines of Taki and Mitsuha are separated by 3 years, lapse where a catastrophe occurs in the town of the girl and now Taki has the possibility to travel to the past and help the Itomori people so that the fall of the comet does not charge for the disappearance of the town.
The film addresses issues such as separation, detachment, distance and death. However, the film never presents a sad or melodramatic tone, on the contrary, it is quite cheerful and not boring or repetitive at all.
The end feels nostalgic. Despite of being a happy ending, the way it ends is not predictable, but it leaves us with a pleasant feeling and we don't want the movie to end, cause like Taki and Mitsuha, it seems that we are in a dream, and we don't want to wake up either.

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