Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★★★½

i have a best friend. and her name is grace. and grace has a favorite movie. and thats mamma mia. 
i remember the first time she showed me it, i was 12, she was 11 and it was smack in the middle of sixth grade. it was the first time i fell in love with a musical that wasn’t disney. since then, it’s become a special thing between us. quoting it, watching it, listening to ABBA religiously - we were waiting six years for this moment. 
and, shit, it was all worth it to look over and see the looks on her face full of wonder and excitement, her fidgeting in her seat and tapping her foot at dancing queen and mamma mia, the looks and moves that mirrored mine, this time and the first time she showed me the first film. it made me realize that most movies (depending on the genre) should feel like your best friends. comforting, uplifting and there for a laugh and a cry. this movie is the absolute pinnacle of that- which makes it the epitome of grace’s being, and i’ve never been that sure about anything before. 
i haven’t had this fun at the movies in a while. thank you christine baranski for the delivery of “be still my beating vagina.”

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