Midsommar ★★★½

i guess i was expecting more clarity and a faster pace to hold my attention more, i just found my mind wandering and looking at the time stamp to see when it was over because for some reason it was really hard to focus. 

however, what i found really cool is that, as someone with an anxiety disorder, i couldn’t help but notice how much this movie is centered on anxiety and panic. in fact, you could argue that it is about the immobilizing (literally) horror of anxiety. we’ve all heard from a loved one who thinks they’re helping to “at least try” or felt like we were a burden and too much to handle for them. the very feeling of being in a foreign place surrounded by strangers and overloading senses could be comporable to someone with anxiety just standing in a crowded (sometimes familiar) place. speaking of, i found the sensory overload in this movie to unnerve me (i had to take a klonopin myself) and impress me with how well they portrayed the harrowing instant fear of a panic attack. i mean, florence pugh was masterful at everything in this movie but she was especially good at having a panic attack, because before any of the scary shit even began, she gave me one. 

also, half a star was taken off because WHERE WAS “IM GONNA GIVE YOUR FATHER THE WORST ORGASM OF HIS LIFE”???? ARI????? WHERE WAS IT????????