Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★★

well, it took six watches of jeff goldblum sensually failing to wink at tom hiddleston to give this five stars and a proper review but HERE I AM. 

this movie not only teaches writers how to use original characterization, even for characters that already exist, or encourages people to put aside their negativity and be the best they could be, but at it’s core, as with other taika movies, it’s about family. and how complicated and shitty and great family could be- especially being a sibling. 

you know me, i’m close with my sisters, no matter how much they annoy me to death, my 2nd favorite wes movie is darjeeling- i’m a HOE for a good onscreen sibling relationship being represented in an accurate way. and what this movie, albeit a cheesy superhero one, seems to do is represent the intricacies of family dynamic so effortlessly and accurately- at the end of the day thor and loki are just brothers pushed away from eachother, even if it was deliberately and by themselves- they still have feelings for eachother and theyre still family, they always were, and thats what makes this dumb superhero movie so special. your parents are bound to be gone before you, and someday all you’ll have is your sibling(s), whether blood or not. ragnarok is a reminder of that, not only to the characters, to thor starting to have faith in loki again or to loki, despite all his complexity, ultimately deciding to change his ways because of his brother (you could argue everything he does is because of his brother)- but to the viewers, especially those with siblings, it hits that message right out of the park and close to home. 

the reason why i love this movie so much is not only because of the individual, original personalities in the characters or the dry, niche humor but because it’s a real tribute to your family. how shitty it could be. how beautiful it could be. how you can find your own. how it’s never too late to reconnect with them. i finally figured out why this movie is such a comfort for me, and i honestly recommend that everyone sit down with their brothers or sisters or both and put this on.

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