The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★

INSANE. The message in this film is a great conversation starter about the abuse of religion.
It gets you thinking and it links incredibly well with many relevant conversations today. The acting was also incredible, notably Bill Skarsgard and Tom Holland. 

Tom killed it!! This was a huge change from his recent roles and a breathtaking way to step back into the world of indie films. He really brought Arvin Russell to life and portrayed the hell out of every emotion. No matter what Arvin does, you naturally root for him.

A few other things I really loved are the cinematography and the soundtrack. The soundtrack works with each scene to bring it to its full potential and really set the vibe.

Awesome movie. Every aspect of this film works so well you feel immersed and lost in their world.
(Definitely would’ve been better as a limited series though...)

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