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This review may contain spoilers.

idk what the consensus is on this one yet because i actively avoided learning anything about it prior to tonight, but my dad said he's been seeing some negative reviews, and now i feel preemptively defensive of it! immediately my second or third favorite of the franchise next to 4

as a sequel to a requel, it's like what the last jedi is to the force awakens. i always hesitate to admit a star wars opinion, but i mean in the sense that a reintroduction has to be a little more paint-by-numbers, and only once that's over with, can you really get cooking

the new setting was sick, imo, and the core four has me in a chokehold! i feel like one potential critique i'll be seeing is that they were a little stingy with the major character deaths, but personally... i didn't want to see anyone die yet, so maybe next time, y'all

the opening kills were so interesting, and i was gagged by the killer reveal because a trio has never even occurred to me


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