The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★★

12 years after the original Tobe Hooper said screw making a conventional sequel, goes in a self aware, tonally frivolous direction and the end result is a shlockly, fun addition to the series. Moving the location to an abandoned amusement park is an inspired choice. Lots of cool, dipliated imagery recalling the same grimey feel of its predecessor even though this is a less serious affair. ( the influence on Rob Zombie has never been more apparent.) The fx work by Tom Savini is excellent too; blood, skin getting peeled off, chainsaw piercing body parts; all the good stuff. It’s no patch on the original, but it’s a damn great slice of 80’s cheese in its own right. And c’mon, the chainsaw fight between Dennis Hopper & Leatherface is *awesome*.

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