Annette ★★★

“You are now kindly requested to keep silent and to hold your breath until the very end of the show. Breathing will not be tolerated during the show.”

Kinda long and dull but it was well made and has some good dramatic moments and some nice comedic stuff. I really liked the girl who played Annette. 

For a musical I feel like it needed to explore its themes a bit better rather than just singing the plot. It’s opening number, though interestingly made, didn’t help to provide a main theme, instead focusing on a weirdly meta “yo when’s the show gonna start” which didn’t help me; someone who kept wondering when the film was gonna start.

Also what was up with the me too ‘dream’? Was it foreshadowing or just a dream or just something to be relevant or actually contextual? 

A weird film and probably one I won’t return to but hey, gotta love naked Adam Driver

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