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  • Rapado



    it’s been a really tough day and getting myself into this was a really good decision. mi corazoncito creció y creció. if you’re not familiar with argentina’s history, music, slang, and its cinematic world, you might not feel or see what i saw... or you might. lucio’s silent and observant nature was what did it for me. 

    una hermosura. the atmosphere feels far away but also so familiar. images like photographs. not much is said and not much needs to be…

  • Meeting the Man: James Baldwin in Paris

    Meeting the Man: James Baldwin in Paris

    this is a must-watch. i believe baldwin’s mind and heart were forever-never-ending-expanding; his eloquence, worldview, and honesty stand on their own: an unmatchable human being. i had tears in my eyes during so many parts. this is a shrieking pound of proof that black subjects need black documentarians