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  • Mulholland Drive
  • Persona
  • Hereditary
  • Meshes of the Afternoon

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  • The World to Come

    The World to Come

    voiceovers were so annoyingly overdone. too much reliance on words in films irks me to no end; the constant voiceovers were distracting and unwarranted. they were trying very hard to be poetic and it played like an exaggerated imitation of such. i wish the director would have shown a little restraint. music was too heavy and it only served to smother what little chemistry there was between the leads. impossible to connect with the characters when you're constantly being bombarded with narration and aggressive clarinet. what a disappointment.

    stop making films entirely in voiceover!!!!! stop!!!

  • Malignant


    so so messy and the score was completely wrong