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  • South



    It moves slowly, on little tippy toes, but this film sneaks up on you.... and by its final scene...you have an emotional elephant sitting on your chest.

    At least that was my experience.

    Chantal Akerman travels to Texas and documents the milieu and the emotional aftermath of a horrible 1998 hate crime. With the film's long static shots and long pans...its like an amateur is behind the camera...until you begin to give yourself to the process and realize Akerman is…

  • Ask Father

    Ask Father


    This was a bit of a treat. Though they have been available for years, I had never seen a Lloyd film.

    Due to Lloyd's strict licensing policies, the work of Chaplin, Keaton, and Laurel and Hardy were much easier to see during my younger days. You rarely had a chance to see anything by Lloyd on television in the 60s and 70s.

    Here Lloyd plays his essential American go-getter as he seeks the hand of his bosses' daughter. There is…

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  • 42



    There's no crying in baseball. I know that.

    But dammit, i did it anyway..several times.

    The first time since I saw Saving Private Ryan in the theater. That was because my dad was in those battles.

    This time.. it was because of what Robinson put on the line to do what he did. And because of how the world can be. That's why we honor him in the spring of every year.

    I hope our collective memory never allows him…

  • Eyes Without a Face

    Eyes Without a Face


    Here is another finely-wrought film that some of us saw in a poorly dubbed and chopped up version back in the day. To see this movie restored and properly presented via the Criterion Collection is a true revelation!

    This film was part of a trio of ultimately influential horror movies that were all released within months of each other. The other two, Michael Powell's Peeping Tom and Hitchcock's Psycho, were groundbreaking in similar ways...and created torrents of controversy.

    Director Georges…