Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass ★★★

The latest offering from horror specialist Mike Flanagan, Midnight Mass was very engrossing to me. I think it is my favorite of his so far.

However, as has been noted, Midnight Mass is not without a few warts. The fifth and sixth episodes do get bogged down by long monologues that can seem interminable. These interludes, to me, did not ruin the story though. There is a lot of meticulous character development which is a bonus for a horror piece.

The insular setting is an island thirty miles off the mainland. Dark forces attempt to capitalize on this remoteness to propagate unholy things there...or are the things that happen actually the miraculous hand of god? You'll have to watch Midnight Mass to answer that.

This is an ensemble cast but hats off to Hamish Linklater, as the island's priest. I have been around enough clerics and seminaries to recognize that Linklater does an amazing job of channeling this "spirit". Samantha Sloyan may even surpass Linklater as the priest's deaconess, as it were. Her character is guaranteed to arouse vivid emotion in the viewer.

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