Prey ★★★★

Here are the things I really liked about Prey: (Very mild spoilers in some cases)

Set in Pre-Colonial North America, 1719.

Sweeping vistas of unspoiled forests and fields that become foreboding, even terrifying, at night. The woods are fucking dangerous places.....even without alien Predators.

Our heroine, Naru, a young Comanche woman who is extraordinary in her tribe and in this historical period. Kudos to Taabe, her brother, played by Dakota Beavers.

Naru's dog, Sarii, a super-smart canine who actually plays a pivotal part in the story and DOES NOT DIE!! (played by American Dingo performer "Coco"). Let's give credit where it's due...I didn't see Coco listed in the credits but maybe I missed it.

(Mild Spoilers) Set pieces that are unforgettable...especially Predator vs. Bear, Predator vs. Voyaguers.... and final faceoff of Predator vs. Naru. (Arnold would be proud).

Amber Midthunder: Amazing as our heroine and memorable in her representation of her People.

Continuity with The Canon. How is that flintlock pistol able to have ended up in Danny Glover's hand at end of Predator 2? What does it say about the sequel to this?...which seems in the offing.

Anyway, you can tell I really liked this. But I knew I would when I saw the was calling my name. I'm not big on ranking but would say this is number two to OG Predator (1987).

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