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  • Little Women

    Little Women


    little women feels like what a comfort movie should be, like a family, warm hugs, and laughs and smile covered in a warm golden hue. it fills you with so much emotions because these characters feel like real people, and it feels like a real connection. there’s a little bit of everyone in every march sister, no matter who you are. i really love this movie so much.

  • Insomnia



    in comparison to nolan’s other works, this movie is one of his weaker ones, but it’s still a good movie and not bad at all. the storyline is interesting, but it kinda drags before it starts to pick-up. not a huge fan of the editing either. it’s not something that i would be rewatching anytime soon, but it’s still worth watching.

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  • Memento



    ironically enough, i don’t remember the movie that much, so rewatching it felt like the first time. the lenny experience!

    it hits just the right balance of disorientation and understanding, and it takes a closer look at memories — how fickle they are, how it warps and distorts, how we repress truths that we can’t accept, how we become prisoners to our own memories, how it could be so precious, how it replays things lost.

  • The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight


    me: i don’t need help!

    cillian murphy: not my diagnosis