Moonlight ★★★★★

I never was the most "masculine" (as we know, masculinity is a social construct) child, even now that I have almost 20. I would lie if I said that never worried me. Like the rest of the boys, always the people told me that crying and doing certain things just isn't okay for men and in a kind of subsconcient way I always tried to show parts of myself that maybe would be the things people expect from me: hanging around with other boys even if I didn't want, talking about girls in a hypersexualized way (thank god i never followed that game to the other boys) and maybe things like before can sound superficial but I can tell you that is just a part of everything that can occur me right now about the theme. Because we live in a society who tells you what is being a man or woman, a society that alienates you and makes you feel like an outsider (all my adolescence I felt like that, and masculinity has to do with it too) and i know this issue is more hard and complicated for other people than me, I just wanna share it in a place that maybe some people would read it. Sorry I don't write serious reviews but my point is: masculinity is toxic and we can't totally separated this from the concept of what a man has to be, because we live in a patriarchy and our lives are supposed to be determined by our gender and experiences about this. I could debate a little more about but there is people who knows more than me and can express better, listen to them and their experiences, experiences like Chiron had and maybe more different. The identity is so important.

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