Midsommar ★★★★

there is irony, you know, and then there is furiously hitting your friend’s dab pen in the stall of a cinema bathroom because you know the ritual senicide scene is fast approaching and you will have a crippling panic attack if you see it

my friend really wanted to see this and she was like i know you’ve seen it do you mind seeing it again with me and i was like oh do *i* ~~mind~~!!!!!
so some thoughts:
- most positive reviews abt this film cite the super-bright aesthetic as an effective foil to the grisly horror, but i STILL don’t EVEN think of it as horror!! i really do believe it’s best viewed as a nice metaphor (?) for a deteriorating relationship, for a grieving girl losing everything but finally finding a family, i don’t know
- thinking lots about that ending. after my first watch, i was like, she finally got revenge and that’s why she’s smiling and this is all kinda fucked how am i supposed to FEEL ! and now i don’t really view that smile as her satisfaction at revenge or her satisfaction at getting what she wanted, i just look at it as her finally realizing that she has a family and she has people who accept her and a shot at a new beginning

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