Pig ★★★

Pretty impressive how long the screenplay plays keep-away with crucial details— to the point where I briefly wondered to myself whether the film might be set in an alternate universe where truffles possessed some black-market necessitating psychedelic effect— but not sure the film transcends its genre film foundations so much as it snootily denies paying them off. If anything, this struck me as a movie composed entirely out of the quirky incidental detail that action/horror movies typically deploy as (ahem) garnish and flavor— kinda like if John Wick were nothing but guests checking into the hotel and John feeling sad about his dead wife. Too much a clever writer's trick, I guess. Never really bought into it as an authentically felt mediation on loss. Big Keith Uhlich New Competence vibes.

Cage is okay; kinda hard to really capture the attention when Naked Brothers Band Boy is gonna be straight sucking eggs in every reverse shot. End this career please.

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