Jaws ★★★

I loved it when I was little, but now I think I've become too picky. The 1st part is gigantic, Roy Scheider trying to warn everyone of the danger, obviously the local politician doesn't care and there's drama and bloodshed. We don't see the shark and that's just as well, but we feel an enome tension because of a beast we don't see, that we don't know where it's going to strike next. And then there's a lack of rhythm with useless scenes and the shark finally comes, and now I think I've watched this film at the wrong time because I can't take it seriously any more.

Even if the closed-door scenes aboard the little trawler are very gripping, don't get me wrong, I'm not denying the great technical feat of the time, but I'd almost have preferred not to see the shark, because between its badly bonded teeth and seeing the robot's iron muscles, I totally lost interest. Steven Spielberg's dialogue was poorly managed and, above all, the horrific tension totally failed me. I still salute the huge amount of work it must have taken to create this film

Shark Movie

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