Scream VI

Scream VI ★★

Just stop taking the viewer for a big moron, what is this stupidest introduction scene of the year, you want to be a copycat and you make the same mistakes as the victims? And in the multiverse of Scream who the fuck still trusts a stranger in a dark alley "Hello beautiful comes to the corner where it's all dark" Come on be serious!

The huge potential of being in New York for in the end a movie that brings nothing just to masturbate on the nostalgia by playing Cluedo to know who is the killer, except that it's so predictable that they spoil themselves a killer with long scenes that takes you even more for a moron to explain you from start to finish what is a saga.

It pisses me off so much because I love the Carpenter sisters and I expected so much better than this especially since I loved the previous one. No too much blabla to explain things you already know after the 6th movie, not enough blood. I could go on especially with the end with maybe a survivor that I find weird. But the idea of the Ghost-Cave was cool but anyway this stuff is not for me anymore.

Fuck this franchise (Mindy said it, not me)

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