Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

“because i wanted you to know”

fifth time watching and this film keeps getting better. i thought i knew every line, every glance, but i’m so glad that i’ve forgotten little bits of this. it makes my viewing so much better knowing there are things that can still surprise me and make my heart flutter.

the love that oliver and elio shared has been engraved in my heart for quite some time now. the seed was planted when i first discovered this story in the midst of my period of self discovery. while it bloomed, so did my confidence, identity, and understanding of the world. this film taught me love beyond words or labels, and growing into oneself in a way i had truly never experienced. it exposed not only to the world of film but to my inner most feelings and thoughts. it taught me about myself. i am around elio’s period of innocence, on the cusp of something greater than myself but too young to grasp it and fully understand it. i have never been in love like he has but i shared a sliver of the sickly sweet infatuation he once did, and i shared some moments of pure clarity in his identity as he had in that one fateful summer. words can never describe the love and pure devotion i feel towards this film and this story altogether, but it is truly art beyond bounds, beyond anything imaginable. it is intoxicating, enchanting, spiritual (to me), and spellbinding. call me by your name is my favourite film, because it means more than just beautiful acting (that monologue kills me), or gorgeous cinematography, or music that makes my soul dance. it is humanity and love in its purest form. and for that i am forever grateful

oh my god why do i feel so much

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