Dune ★★★★★

My first time back to the cinemas in over two years, a new film by my favourite director, a new film of my favourite genre, and a new film with my favourite actor. Watched in 3D with my mom and sweat and nearly cried the whole time. 

I know I am one to sometimes over exaggerate but I am truly TRULY not joking when I say this is one of the greatest, if not the greatest film going experience I’ve ever had. I have never once had anything close to this exhilaration while watching a film. Visually stunning. The depth of the plot and the mysticism, the empire and the witchcraft and the warfare, the fear and the power. Nothing can come close to ever describing the power and force and potency DUNE made me feel for 2.5, honestly very short, hours. I immediately want to see this again in theatres. Watch this on the biggest screen possible. Watch it with no idea what’s going to happen. Watch as your senses are overwhelmed and shaken to tears and sweat by the unforgiving, relentless journey that is DUNE. Denis Villeneuve has outdone himself and frankly the medium of cinema as a whole. A masterpiece and I hope I do not use that word lightly. Give me part 2 immediately.

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