Skyfall ★★★★½

oh wow, what a splendid film. everything in this is near perfect, not to mention the outstanding cinematography by king roger deakins!!! (and of course the fabulous theme by queen ADELE)

i really liked the more serious tone this took compared to other bond films (yes they are all serious in nature, but this strayed farther away from bond girls and explosions, and had deeper emotions, which i really enjoyed)
daniel craig once again proves how effortlessly cool he is with just one glance at the camera, and one shot of a gun. javier bardem is the PERFECT villain, i have no further comments.

even if you don’t like action movies (but how is that possible), i beg you to watch this movie and then try to tell me this isn’t one of the greatest achievements in action you’ve ever seen. sam mendes is able to capture so much style and attitude and blend it into a stunning picture, again helped by roger deakins (that man does no wrong)
it’s phenomenal, and definitely deserves more praise (and a rewatch). 

ps: someone mentioned if this movie were just javier bardem stroking daniel craig’s thighs for 2hrs they would give it the same rating and, honestly, i fully support this statement.

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