Hereditary ★★★

Cinema is dead. I'm officially done with risking my viewing experience next to an audience that don't know how to watch a film. "Every single surreal moment is weird and I don't understand it so it's funny ahahha". This felt like trying to concentrate on an exam, but the teacher keeps repeating the rules to each part whenever someone gets confused. I went to the 3PM screening hoping I could avoid every single teenager that goes to these movies to laugh, but of course my luck is on the ground. Why do audiences treat horror films like comedies nowadays? Why is laughing the automatic reaction to everything that happens on screen? Why can't people understand that others are trying to enjoy and experience the film, to let it speak for itself instead of adding commentary in a theater?

Anyway, the film itself was pretty decent. It's a bit weird to watch this, because it feels like A24's most accessible horror film, which is something I hope they don't aim to do later on. This is as best as a generic horror film can be, because it has some of the most boring tropes in the horror genre, but it's all presented very well. The first half does a great job at building everything up and giving plenty of development for most characters so when the second half comes it's far more satisfying. I wish it was a little more creative and used different concepts instead of executing the ones I've seen many times better than most other flicks. There were also a few acting dips, and I didn't feel like the son did a great job. His scream close to the end was a bit goofy and his overall performance was just okay. There was also a huge sense of depression throughout that was heavy, though I'm not sure if that was because of the film or my experience. I'm definitely rewatching this one in my comfort zone next time instead of that shit theater, though. Hopefully that'll be an improvement.

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