Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★★

The Before Trilogy is the greatest trilogy of all time and don't even dare think otherwise for a god damn second.

Before Midnight is easily the worst in the trilogy, and its still a masterpiece. Can you believe, that for 3 full feature length films, THREE, they are able to make the most captivating films out of just 2 people babbling along about hippie sex monkeys and other bullshit.

It's the same 2 people, talking in the exact same way, for the same amount of walking, yet the way Linklater depicts the growth of these people and the growth of their love for eachother is simply amazing. I highly doubt when film was invented, and when the lumiere Brothers were filming trains and shit, that they imagined that a 100 years later people would just be talking to eachother on film. And here we are. The 18 years went past, and this trilogy passed what film was. Its unbelievably beautiful, heartwrenching, and euphoric. Easily my favorite scene is when they recreate the she looks he looks she looks away, put gives it a whole new meaning, but still about love. I think this is the only trilogy that makes you appreciate the earlier forms so much more with the later installments.

Now we're at the end of the road, we've gone past the youthful intimacy, and now we've past the aging bittersweet romance, and my tearducts have a lot of fucking work to do.

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