Parasite ★★★★★

Now that's I've gotten much better at writing reviews, lemme have a crack at this ol chap.

Its Oscar night, Feb 10th. My family and I are all huddled around the tv as we cheer everytime Parasite is even mentioned. For gods sake we even cheered our asses off when it won Best International Film. We all know that the Oscar's have lost all credibility decades ago, but it's still huge in a film marketing and attention. We'll see how time treats this film (I think itll be a classic in just a years time), but however it ages, it's become a personal statue of RESPECT. Although I wont have much new to say about the film that hasnt already been said, the best i can do is say how personal its become.

Bong Joon Ho's masterpiece Parasite should forever be a cheat sheet for all filmmakers. I bought the graphic novel version of Bong Joon Ho's storyboard for this film and it's basically my bible. It's a widely known fact that Bong Joon Ho looks up to Alfred Hitchcock the most, and hes clearly been a huge influence. Not just in the thriller elements, but also how technically flawless and precise Parasite is. I've said this a billion times already, but with every film I want to experience or learn something new about film. What I adore about this film is theres an entire 20 years of film school in this movie. Every viewing, you're destined to pickup something new. My dad told me that in Korea, Bong has a nickname that basically means hes a detail freak. He perfects every little detail and subtlety down to a tuft of peach fuzz.

I dont believe in the perfect movie. Perfect means it's the best of the best and nothing can exceed it. Art does not have a limit. If you think a movie is perfect, somebody can probably do 1 better, even if we dont know what that looks like. But I do believe in flawless, perfectly balanced films. And to me, this flawless, perfectly balanced masterpiece is one I will revisit throughout my life as both for research and inspiration. Bong Joon Ho's been able to spark a fire in me with what's hes achieved. I thought I knew a lot about film before I saw Parasite when I saw it back in Sempteber of 2019, but it has further opened my eyes, and opened my heart to the highest form of art and how much more of it there is. I will never be able to say with words how much I appreciate that. I luv u Bong

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