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  • It's a Wonderful Life


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  • The Vast of Night

    The Vast of Night


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Totally charming. Excellent performances from young actors. The dialogue is bright and witty, but the editing, cinematography, and score push the whole thing into being pretty exceptional. The two leads have excellent chemistry and a fun dynamic. The movie is a clear send up/homage to the twilight zone, and accomplishes feeling like a twilight zone episode with elements of fantastic modern editing and storytelling. The ending is abrupt, but not in a bad way. 

    I will say, the element that…

  • Emma.



    Perfect. It captures the tone of the book (my favorite of Austen’s): fun, a bit irreverent, delightfully romantic. Hands. Music. Costumes. Ugh I loved it. Best picture 2020.