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  • Annabelle: Creation

    Annabelle: Creation



    2017 List

    Going into this film I genuinely didn't know what to expect. "Annabelle" wasn't necessarily an enjoyable film and lost the creepy factor of the doll for me so I set this film off for a while until now when I finally gave it a watch. I'd say I'm pretty mixed on this one but ultimately I did enjoy this a lot more than the predecessor.

    What this film does right is the amazing leads. I wouldn't say…

  • Ready or Not

    Ready or Not



    2019 List

    This was just an absolute blast to watch and possibly the most fun I've had watching a film recently. I was already expecting to enjoy this film based off of the trailers and since Samara Weaving stars in this. I'm a big fan of her work ever since I saw "The Babysitter" which despite it having flaws, Samara Weaving was easily the best thing about that one. So going into this and seeing that she'll be the…

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  • Desperados




    2020 List
    Netflix Originals - Ranked

    I can't with some films... some of them are just so bad and I don't understand who gave them the go-ahead to make this.

    Also... Robbie Amell is in this... Come on Robbie, you can do better than this.

    There are also about 30 minutes left of this film left but I have no faith it'll improve

  • Host




    2020 List

    This was such a great surprise for me. What made this film so enjoyable is how the characters genuinely seem like friends and have some great bits of conversations with each other which makes them feel like real characters. I wish some stuff in the film was explained more and not just left with a lot of vague hints but I didn't mind it too much. Honestly was a solid short horror film that had me scared a few times. I'd recommend it especially since it's a short film to get through quickly.