All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front ★★★★½

(Foreign language film - German)
English Dub Available

Witnessing the intense horrors and carnage of The Great War from the front line.

"Creeping barrage ... What? ... Every couple of minutes, the artillery barrage makes an advance forward. And directly after that, the infantry moves forward ... What does that mean exactly? ... That they are coming!"

All Quiet on the Western Front 2022 is a remake of the Best Picture winner of the same name from 1930, that chronicles the experience of a group of fresh German recruits sent to battle in the trenches of WW1. But this version includes an additional layer of tragedy, with German and French leaders working to end the war while countless souls continued to be slaughtered on the battlefield.

"All that's left separating us from an armistice is false pride."

(Quick Hits)

- The film definitely has an arthouse feel that I appreciated, with plenty of slow stylistic cinematography shot from a variety of dynamic angles

- It was a bit odd to hear such a modern electronic score paired with this, but it sure did aid the film's building intensity

- The last modern war film that I thought captured this same high level of gore and violence would have to be 'Saving Private Ryan'. One uniquely brutal moment featured our protagonist having to listen and briefly help an enemy soldier suffocating from the dirt he shoved in his mouth

- Hey there is Daniel Brühl, who you will recognize from the MCU

- Just think about all that dirt and mud these guys go through next time you take a hot shower

- I guess that farm boy was just not going to stand for German soldiers looting from their barn anymore ... dang!

While I was captivated by this version of All Quiet on the Western Front, it did start feeling overlong at times. Otherwise, despite being a remake it was great to see a new war movie that did not hold back from showing the gritty brutality of war.

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