King Kong

King Kong ★★★★

(Criterion Laser Disc Collection)

The original version of one of the greatest monsters in movie history.

Some how I had never seen this movie, and I had a blast watching it with my 6 and 4 year old sons. The beginning did test their patience some with how it slowly it gets going with filmmaker Carl Denham looking for a leading lady to take with him to Skull Island.

But once they make it to the island and Kong shows up they were glued to the screen, loving ever moment of the whirlwind of action that drives the story to its climax with Kong climbing the Empire State Building. I have always heard the special effects in this movie were great, and I can now say that's an understatement because they are remarkable. When you first see Kong at he does look a little cheesy, but then you quickly settle into the style and it starts looking amazing. The blend of stop motion animation, rear projection screens, and fantastic editing all make the action come to life with excitement.

Wow, Kong just cannot get a break! He is constantly having to fight off all kinds of Dinos and humans to keep a hold of his Ann. My 4 year old is at the age where he just adores dinosaurs, so he loved seeing and naming the t-rex, stegosaurus, killer brontosaurus, and pterodactyl. My favorite scene/special effect was when the humans were on that log bridge that Kong begins to violently shake.

The sets also look amazing especially the giant gate the natives make for Kong, Kong's cave, New York City, and the vast jungle of Skull Island.

The original King Kong is a cinematic treasure, and a great choice for introducing kids to black and white movies.

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