Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York ★★★★★

Charlie freaking Kaufman! I love all of his films, and I am glad I discovered this one which I saw recommended on You Tube. So much symbolism in this artsy movie that Kaufman has the ability to make seem graspable. Recently I have been appreciating Lynch more, but I like how Kaufman makes similar puzzling films.. with Lynch you come away saying WTF?. But with Kaufman at least I think I get it.

Anyway Synecdoche, New York.
I felt that it was all about theater where the writer/director was trying to create art that was imitating real life.. and then over time that gets folded back on itself. I really felt for the under appreciated love interest, and was frustrated that main character kept turning her away and ending up with these other love interests seemingly at a drop of a hat.

I still need time to figure out then end, but that vagueness did not bother me since the rest of them film had me so sucked in.

I think my favorite metaphor was Hazel's house on fire. On You Tuber mentioned they though it was about being trapped. But I like an idea that came to my head that she literally is a home wrecker, which is tragic since the man she is pursing gets abandoned by his home which makes Hazel's advances more innocent.. but yet the main character still clings to the wife how abandoned him.

I love artsy movies, and this is a great one to check out!

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