The Mist

The Mist ★★★★

(Halloween Movie Fest 2020)

The mysterious deadly mist came and forced them to seek shelter together, and despite having enough to survive it was the fear of the unknown that quickly caused them to abandon reason and begin turning on each other.

"You don't have much faith in humanity, do you? ... None, whatsoever"

Wow, the ending to this nihilistic horror film really is a gut punch, and I'm glad I got to experience it fresh again since I had forgotten what happened. I am a sucker for these existential microcosm of society horror movies like 'Night of the Living Dead' and 'Cube'. In this scenario, we watch as a huge group of people stuck in a grocery store begin splitting off into different factions as they argue about all the big questions they are facing like if the mist is really dangerous, where it came from, and if this is truly God's divine punishment on the world.

"As a species we're fundamentally insane. Put more than two of us in a room, we pick sides and start dreaming up reasons to kill one another. Why do you think we invented politics and religion?"

(Quick Hits) ... Spoilers:

- The Mist has an excellent premise and great creature effects, but suffers a little from how overdramatic some of the acting is as the group deals with each conflict. But that may have been by design to show how these people are starting to mentally become unhinged, as a feeling of hopelessness begins to spread around the group like a virus

- I heard the guys over on Red Letter Media talking about how this is a solid horror film, but noting how it as pieces of an old fashion genre B-movie, which is an interesting idea

- The issues that arise from the growing group of apocalyptic religious sensationalists were especially unnerving, since religion has always been apart of my life but I find the fear-mongering side of it off-putting

- The story really showcases the worst of what religion can result in, as some of the people begin rallying around fear and placing blame on people rather than coming together in peace

- All the scenes with the monsters lurking outside and then suddenly attacking were so tense. Which does cause you to start fearing the worst with so many people dying along the way

- I suppose it could have been a little creepier if they did not explain the mystery of the mist away, by saying how it was a military experimental portal that brought the mist and these monstrous creatures into their world

- The religious nut bags at the end start becoming even more hypocritical by calling for a human sacrifice, and then having the nerve to call the person bold enough to put a stop to their madness a murderer

- A group of them do escape the grocery store at the end and take their chances out in the mist, which is where I remembered the film ending. But what happens next is when things get really bleak as they run out of gas with no hope in sight. So the main character played by Thomas Jane puts the remaining members of the group out of their misery by shooting them in the head ... including his son

- Then we get the heart-wrenching moment where he runs out of bullets and breaks down in tears, after having taken his son's life and not being able to end his own as well. I loved the very dramatic song 'The Host Of Seraphim' that plays throughout the finale, which really amps up the atmosphere and emotion

- Then just moments later the mist begins to suddenly lift, seemingly showing that the worst is over as tanks and soldiers begin passing by along with trucks full of survivors

- This ending fills you with that awful feeling of regret, since if he would have just waited a few more moments they could have had a happy ending having survived the mist. But instead, we are left with that cold reality of their choice in that moment, which was a bold way to conclude the story

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