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  • Pokémon Detective Pikachu

    Pokémon Detective Pikachu


    Pokemon: Detective Pikachu turned out to be a way more enjoyable movie than I thought possible when first hearing about this movie going into production. This film successfully adapts the world of Pokemon and can now move forward with sequels and/or spinoff films further expanding upon this world. The Pokemon looked great! Pulling this off along with the strong relationship between our two main characters Tim and Pikachu propels the movie forward. The villain may not be the greatest and to some their may be some predictable elements, however Pokemon: Detective Pikachu delivers a fun, entertaining experience worth checking out.

  • The Intruder

    The Intruder


    If you watched the trailer to this movie, it basically told you the whole movie and didn't attempt in the slightest to exceed or subvert your expectations. This is a film that knows what it is and sticks to it. I went into it wanting a so bad it's good movie so the question becomes, did it deliver on that. Well...the film delivers shades of this, but didn't fully committ to it. It teases with the silliness and instead tries…

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  • Hellboy



    I'm just going to come out and say it, if it was a choice between this movie and Guillermo del Toro finishing his trilogy, I'd take the latter. The good...David Harbour did an excellent job portraying Hellboy and is a worthy successor to Ron Perlman's version of the character. In addition, visually I really did enjoy the CGI and all the effects in the movie. It created and epic scale and was a feast for the eyes. Despite this, I…

  • Shazam!



    What people have been saying is indeed true, this is truly the film Big as a superhero film and I see that barely seeing any of that movie. I completely bought into Zachary Levi and Asher Angel's performances as Billy Batson/Shazam, the surrounding supporting cast were great (some featured more prominently than others Darla was my personal favorite), enjoyable villian, and great music choices. I was entertained and enjoyed the silliness...up until the third act where something happens, inspired from…