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  • Honeycomb
  • Flying Masters of Kung Fu
  • The Gold Connection

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  • Jack Frost

    Jack Frost

    Every time I watch a modern horror film I've never heard of on Tubi, it turns out like this: A generic, style-free outing that is British and features a guy in a rubber mask who mainly stands around (brightly lit in the middle of the frame) and he waves his big Nosferatu hands around as he talks in a muffled deadpan... and talks... and talks... and talks...

    Making movies is hard, but it's wild how these horror pictures (Pumped out…

  • Blood Church

    Blood Church


    A reporter moves into a small town and discovers EVERYONE IS A SATANIST. Features an altar "Made of bones of newborn babies sacrificed to Satan for his gift of power, and the hope of his gift of strength."

    BLOOD CHURCHis most famous for being an unreleased film and has finally been unleashed on Blu-ray under the title HEARTLAND OF DARKNESS (Its original title was FALLEN ANGELS) by the tremendous Visual Vengeance label (After years of people trying, including Jim Wynorski),…

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  • RRR




    You watch RRR and wonder "Why is this film such a spine-tingling blast of excitement while most super-hero blockbusters hit audiences like tepid baths?"

    Maybe it's because they don't feature a musical number where white douchebags are struck down by the power of Indian dance.

    From the absurd premise of "What if two real-life revolutionaries who never crossed path... We're really best friends?", Director SS Rajamouli crafts a towering 3-hour epic that's all about saving a single…

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    All billionaires are bad. Everyone in charge is corrupt. No amount of punching mentally challenged people can remedy this.

    Yea, that's the shit the annoying guy at the party likes to spout when the subject of Batman comes up, but it's exciting material for a big-budget tentpole to tackle. The reality that the system itself is broken - and that a man going out as bat is a release valve for him, but serves no great purpose considering his resources…