Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

The magic trick that EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE pulls off is always keeping itself grounded.

If anything can happen at any time, then nothing has meaning, right?

Well, what if everything had meaning?

It's structured like a breathless climax, with acrobatic action scenes (Featuring indie darlings The Martial Club), a dead-serious Wong Kar Wai pastiche, and a killer running gag stemming from a mispronunciation. There are so many things that seem tossed off at first but then payout in dividends because The Daniels keep revealing that non-sequitur gags have their own emotional engines. I don't know how one can figure out such a mad balancing act, but they did it!

Of course, Michelle Yeoh is stellar, but the show is stolen by Ke Huy Quan, who shifts from nerdy dad, to action hero (He worked as a stuntman for years), to a suave cool guy within the blink of a googly eye. It's a shame that he was gone from the industry for so long, but now he's back! Cast him in more stuff! I was also very happy to see James Hong (Who is 93 years old!!!!) get a a very sizeable role. What a legend.

This film killed with an audience.

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