Megan Is Missing ½

Billed as an "educational" film with scenes written so as to disturb the viewer and unnerve them in order to "teach" about the dangers of teens interacting with strangers online this movie goes so far above and beyond what should have been portrayed it ultimately seems like its reveling in the very thing it is trying to disturb people about. the fact it's supposed to be portraying teenagers, and i'm sure the actors themselves are actually teens is itself what makes this such a grossly messed up movie. And Goi is still reveling in the advertisement of this film to this day, as seen by the recent viral nature of teens watching it on TikTok and talking about it.

But even beyond that the acting is atrocious, the editing is terrible, the sound quality is shitty, the scenes are too long and weird, and it just goes on and on sometimes in a incredibly boring manner.

i usually like found footage movies, even the lesser liked ones and this one is honestly the worst piece of crap i've ever seen. and that's just aesthetically speaking, the story itself, how its told and depicted is kind of morally repugnant too. imagine an afterschool special but it's an r rated horror with torture porn and rape of teenagers. why would you even do that? someone probably needs to investigate michael goi tbh

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