West Side Story

West Side Story ★★★★★

Lincoln Center
Maria’s alley spotlight
Chino throwing down on the dance floor
Tony’s casual kindness to Anybodies
“But I found you!”
“Like a gangster!”
Really every time Anita teases Bernardo
"I can’t talk my guys out of makin trouble. Trouble is what they’re made of." (cue "Gee, Officer Krupke")
Gwen Verdon locking herself away from the Jets
Riff dancing his feels to Tony at the end of "Cool"
And so much more

Earlier today I watched the first cut of my first feature (three stars?) then almost immediately went to see this masterpiece a third time, a collaboration between so many masters living and dead (fellow Justin, the millennial Mr. Peck, might now count). And I still want to live!

Movies are magic.

(Still mad that after seeing the paint splash graffiti no one makes a Jackson Polack joke.)

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