Black Dynamite ★★★★½

SINEGANG Weekly Pick #23 [01|03|2020-01|10|2020]
Recommended by: JAY

Black Dynamite doesn't lose its magic upon rewatch. Fast, funny and extremely clever in the most unexpected and silly ways, this is the type of comedy that checks all the boxes of my preferences. The runtime is short enough that it doesn't overstay its welcome. The film boast plentiful of sight gags, filmmaking goofs and brilliantly-delivered "bad" dialogues that it will have you grinning from start to end. Perhaps, t the most interesting aspect is that everyone has a personality, and I don't mean just the characters who are all memorable in their own way, but the crew also has presence. It seems like even the camera crew, the boom mic operator and everyone else play a fictional version of themselves as people working their respective occupations in a fictional blaxpoitation flick. Like I said in my previous review, Black Dynamite has such an unwavering energy and a goofy personality that it's hard to resist its charms. I can now confidently call this as the greatest parody film ever made.


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