Burning ★★★½

Clocking in a two-hour-and-a-half runtime, BURNING would've been easily a bore to watch, especially with such slow pacing Lee Chang-dong applies in its story. And while it got me definitely checking out the time several times, yawning and taking a few breaks, I surprisingly have a good time with this film. Coming in blind definitely helps with the experience as I find myself not knowing what's going to happen. I was expecting a romantic drama of some sort, but oh boy, I was wrong, and I was moderately pleased that I was. The painfully slow pacing definitely helped elevate some of the film's paranoia-inducing scenes. The music complemented the film's tone and the cinematography is so goddamn impressive. There are so many shots in this film that really catches my eye, and a lot of them only uses natural lighting, so I can't imagine how difficult it is for the cast and crew to shoot this film on sunsets and sunrises with a limited time. The performances are fantastic; the mannerisms and the line delivery felt very natural. I think my complaints about this film are that it didn't strike me on an emotional level. I did feel tense, but I never cared about the characters, even if they are interestingly written. And yeah, there are a lot of scenes where I was completely uninvested, and the slow pacing did make them a chore to watch.

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