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This review may contain spoilers.

This is the second time I've watched Lee Chang-dong's highly-cryptic work and I don't expect myself to love this even more. While it never connected me in an emotional level, I found myself more engrossed with its characters, who are all interesting and complex in their respective roles. I had so much enjoyment in figuring out what they meant when they said lines of dialogue that have so much substance than what I've expected on the surface. And even when I thought I've figured it out, I'm still left unsure.

Beyond the ambiguity and the mystery with intensity that slowly creeps into its audiences, BURNING still offers absolutely mesmerizing and subtle performances from its three leads, and expertly-crafted cinematography. Expertly-crafted because there are so many shots that took place outdoors and a lot of it are set in sunsets and sunrises that go on for more than a minute or so, and the fact that if something went wrong within these takes, they would have to do them all over again, and quite possibly, they would shoot it at the next sunset or sunrise, because they hadn't had much time to shoot that the way that the director's vision intended.

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