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Camera Buff ★★★★

SINEGANG Weekly Pick #27 [01|03|2020-01|10|2020]
Recommended by: RYAN

Amator takes a while to settle its affairs, but it eventually becomes an engrossing character study about a man prioritising his newfound passion for filmmaking. As someone who has decided to follow a similar passion for the rest of his life, I found Krzysztof Kieślowski's film relatable to some degree, and detestable in some regards. It explores the damaging impact of one's obsession over others and power of film in capturing human experiences as they occurred in the past. As an enlightening reflection to any overambitious cinephile's personality, it's definitely required viewing because it is an effective mirror to these individuals whose ethics and decision-making are clouded by his aspirations. The film isn't without its issues: off-putting editing choices where interactions are cut way too short and the wife resorting to a decision way too early in the lead's career. However, Amator is a thought-provoking discussion of human subjects, powered by seamless and inquisitive camerawork, and an ending that appropriately bookends this damning portrait of an artist to home.

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