Iron Man 2 ★½

Marvel Cinematic Universe [03/23]

Has a promising arc for Tony here with him nearly facing death and resolving gripes that he has at his deceased father, but as much as I love his performance in HBO's The Leftovers, Justin Theroux's screenwriting ability doesn't give this justice. Instead, we have a film that is messy and haphazardly done. Jon Favreau's direction doesn't do any favors and turns in pedestrian work as usual. It couldn't handle both comedy and drama, and much less, well-written characters. Once again, the film has weak villains. The cast does what they can with the material, and they deliver charm and genuine chemistry. I'm prompting to rate this lower, but oh well, I didn't hate it as much as The Incredible Hulk. However, Iron Man 2 is a bland and uninspired sequel and works as a franchise set-up for better and worse.