Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★★

Absolutely intoxicating. I love every second of this – literally every single second. The way you read this movie could change by the day. PTA offers a very complex outlook on love – how it changes us, how it alters what we’re willing to do for others.

My favorite moment in this is when Reynolds contemplates whether or not he’s going to go dancing with Alma. She disrupts his routine from the moment she enters his life, and this scene feels like the emotional climax of their relationship, or at least the emotional climax of Reynolds as a character. Alma calls Reynolds “strong,” which to me translates more so as guarded, reserved. Going out to dance requires him to drop his guard completely. It’s a really beautiful moment to me. I love how PTA handles shyness, and anxiety, and love, and willingness. I prefer PTA’s films that focus on these more... nuanced emotional facets, so to speak. He treats them with so much complexity and care, and that results in these stories striking a chord with me in a really powerful way.

You see, being in love with him makes life no great mystery.

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