After Last Season

After Last Season ½

I was about one-third into After Last Season that I decided to open the Letterboxd app and rate this half a star; I am being genuine when I say this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

According to an interview from Filmmaker Magazine, the production budget was originally in the range of $30K-$40K until the visual effects elevated it to $5M.

Do you mean these effects (example one, example two, example three) cost millions of dollars? In the same release year of Avatar (2009) of all years? This seems nothing more than the result of money laundering.

Unfathomably bad pacing to where it feels like past a chore and more like labor where you should have been paid an hourly wage to watch this.

It looked like they shot it at someone's house with an empty basement they used as a medical lab, with cheaply-made props; the MRI machine was made of cardboard. In the same interview, the director, writer, producer, and cinematographer, Mark Region, also hired local carpenters to work on the sets even though they had zero film experience.

There are zero redeeming qualities; it's not even something you can laugh at in the likes of The Room (2003) or Fateful Findings (2013).


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