Midsommar ★★★★

Midsommar is one of the more unique films I have seen in quite a while due to its unpredictability with its plot. The first fifteen or so minutes is quite haunting, and it is how we feel compassion for our main protagonist - Dani (Florence Pugh). Despite the film's lengthy runtime, I was invested in the characters and setting and never found any pacing issues.

The majority of the film takes place when it is light out, which was so refreshing to see compared to other horror films. They take advantage of the beautiful location with its cinematography and bright, vibrant colors of the open field. The rituals with the Sweedish pagan cult had the right balance of creepiness and authenticity. A few horrific elements occur sporadically through the second and third act that leaves you feeling uncomfortable.

There are a few unintentional (or maybe intentionally) hilarious moments that occur towards the third act. Ari Aster has his spin on cult films with its writing, and people will either love or hate the bizarreness the plot delves into with the cult. The ending takes a direction that I did not expect, and it will take time and research to process it all.

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