You People

You People ★★

You People don't understand how tired I am of disposable comedies on Netflix.

The premise is not original in the slightest; basically, a modern spin of Meet the Parents (2000), where its conflict and attempts at humor center on the cultural divide between races. And for such a talented ensemble cast, headlined by Eddie Murphy, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Jonah Hill (who co-wrote the screenplay), it felt like a wasted opportunity.

The social commentary is intentionally awkward and cringeworthy in its portrayal that it will make your eyes roll, but the lack of cleverness and subtlety comes across as a lazy mechanism. And the plot structure is so predictable, following all the tropes.

Criminal underutilization of Andrew Schulz; his two lines of dialogue during the rehearsal dinner were the few genuine chuckles that got out of me.

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