Captain Marvel ★★★★

“I have nothing to prove to you.”

THAT’S RIGHT MISS CAROL, YOU TELL HIM! YOU DON’T OWE THAT LOSER ANYTHING! literally my fave scene in the whole movie, what a badass.

to people that think carol is cold and a bitch. you are absolutely right. AND I LOVE HER FOR IT! homegirl was constantly being told she was too emotional and that she “should smile more,” as many women are. she had enough, like i’m sure many other women have. YOU GO GIRL!

this soundtrack was a banger, only complaint is that it was super dark during some scenes and lacked lighting which took my out of the story. but overall, this shit banged.

also shoutout to my boy goose, what a legend

PSA: just because men aren’t written to be the main hero in a movie doesn’t mean that the movie portrays men in a poor light. the things that may be seen as a dig against men are truly just the things women experience on a daily basis, like being told they shouldn’t be joining a workforce of primarily men. if this movie bothers you in that aspect, i encourage you to take a look at your personal values, as patriarchal ideals are ingrained in our subconscious minds and we don’t even notice sometimes!

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