Never Rarely Sometimes Always ★★★★★

Never not engaging. Rarely slow. Sometimes heart wrenching. Always my thing.

I‘ve got the opportunity to see this movie again on the big screen and I must say I loved it even more. I can get why some people may not enjoy it, because it takes itself the time it needs and you may think not much is happening on the surface, but the more you sit with it you realize how essential it this story is to understand human nature and womanhood to the fullest. A tough viewing experience for sure, but refreshing and courageous. 

Eliza Hittmans way of telling a story is inspirational and she shows how many things you can say with just a camera and some actors. Having less can sometimes lead to something even more powerful. If a movie manages to hit me personally, but then even increases the need to create something artistic myself that is important, I know it‘s doing something right. As a creative person I value stories like this so much, because they mirror life as it really is without beautifying it.

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