To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You ★★★

Things I Like About The "To All The Boys" Movies:

- Corny but in a good way (but only something for the target audience)
- Asian Representation in a Young Adult Story
- It's very rewatchable and feels short
- ...That this is the only acceptable role in Noah Centineos career

Things I Don't Like About The "To All The Boys" Movies:

- The Love Triangle trope
- That's it's basically a 2 hour music video and can't exist without playing a song every 2 minutes
- That Ross Butler never gets to play any other role other than being a Highschool student
- You could feel the tone changes, because the first movie was directed by a woman and this by a man (no judgement in the gender swap, but that you felt that this was a different director)