Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★

Scavenger Hunt #63 - 2/30 - Watch a movie about depression

I would buy this!

I'm gonna cry into a corner, bye.

Well, I need something happy now. Llewyn is a folk singer and his life is a mess... he doesn't make money, his love life is fucked, he lost a cat and most importantly, he lost his best friend... yeah, he is a big mess. This was a sad movie and unfortunately, the ending isn't a happy one. It's just a big repetition of obstacles and troubles in Llewyn's life... and I thought Melancholia was depressing. I cared about Llewyn, even if he's a dick sometimes, but when you see that he can't be happy even when he tries to... that's really sad. The others are just getting in his way, but at least, they let him sleep on the couch. Oscar Isaac gave his best performance I've seen and I was so surprised to see Timberlake here... The Social Network and now this? You choose some good movies man. Also, Adam Driver was pure perfection. The cinematography is so cold and dark, just like Llewyn's soul. Sometimes I didn't even see what was happening... maybe my monitor's brightness is set to low, idk. If a movie is directed by the Coen brother, you know that there will be humor... the jokes here fit really well with the tone. After this movie I might go and search folk music because the song from this movie are so good! Calm and peaceful... yeah, this is a great film, but don't watch it when you are feeling happy.

Can't wait to see Oscar as Leto ;)

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